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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

Advancing Melbourne virtual roundtables

22 March 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Last year, the University released its Advancing Melbourne 2030 strategic plan, which outlined our aspirations and direction for this decade.

The strategy covers five key focus areas – Place, Community, Education, Discovery and Global – and was developed after extensive consultation with staff, students, alumni and key stakeholders.

As is the usual process when a new strategy is released, the University aims to work closely with staff on how the institution can achieve the goals and visions laid out in the strategy.

As part of this engagement, we invite you to participate in a series of virtual roundtables and play your part in shaping the future direction of the University.

The virtual roundtables are an initiative of the Future State Taskforce, which was formed in April 2020 to think and consult broadly on how the University should deliver on the aspirations set out in Advancing Melbourne in a world that has been shaped by COVID-19.

These sessions are designed to allow for cross-campus discussions on what actions we need to take in each strategic area to deliver on the plan and enable the University of Melbourne to maximise our benefit to society through the transformative impact of education and research.

They will inform decision making by University of Melbourne leadership, in Chancellery and across academic divisions, about what we need to start, stop and continue doing if we are to recover strongly and ultimately deliver on the ambitions of Advancing Melbourne.

The roundtable sessions will begin with Education on 19 April. Roundtables for Discovery and Global, and Place and Community will follow at a later date.

Each roundtable has been designed by different members of the Future State Taskforce, beginning with the aspirations established under each Advancing Melbourne theme, and then asking, “what do we need to do to realise these objectives?”

The insights and suggestions we gain will be used to inform the University’s 2021 planning cycle and beyond, and help each academic and Chancellery division to plan and make decisions consistent with the future direction of the University.

Please check Staff Hub for further updates regarding these virtual roundtables. We look forward to working with you on this important initiative.

Michael Wesley